Is nerve repair impossible? With all of our brains here definitely not!

With hundreds of laboratories/clinics focusing on Nerve Repair and fast-paced advancements in neural engineering, neuroimaging & regenerative medicine tools, there has never been a better time for all of us who have been working for a cure to connect, interact and figure out a better way to solve the riddles of nerve repair.

Is that website for me? is exactly what the name indicates! It is a whole community of people who are highly motivated and qualified to solve the puzzle of neural regeneration. Networking can allow for the first time a well-coordinated attempt to gather unique skill sets from all over the world having in mind the patient with currently untreatable nerve conditions. This community will be based on interaction and feedback so with your support we can transform this webpage to an educational site, ideas-sharing platform, global collaboration bridge, fund-raising website, research news journal, nerve repair media portfolio, and anything you can find useful and creative. It is all in your hands!

  • IT IS FOR YOU doctor/clinical investigator.
  • IT IS FOR YOU researcher/scientist.
  • IT IS FOR YOU student.
  • IT IS FOR YOU business healthcare consultant/biopharmaceuticals representative.
  • IT IS FOR YOU patient with nerve condition or care giver/family member.
  • IT IS FOR YOU biomedical engineer.
  • IT IS FOR YOU people with creative and motivated mindsets.
  • IT IS FOR YOU…if you want to make a difference.



Teamwork concept

                                                The “must” for addressing the nervous system complexity and follow the advancements in the field!

                                                                     This is the time to get involved and make a difference with your ideas and expertise in the field of Nerve Regeneration and Repair!

Share your ideas now! Contribute!


What can we do?

  • Injectable hydrogels with biomolecules sustained delivery and other tissue engineering approaches.
  • Stem Cells-based strategies
  • Neurostimulation and neuromodulation therapeutic approaches.
  • Neuroimage analysis for quantification analysis and clinically significant scales development.
  • Non-human primates studies for maximizing clinical translation potential.
  • Want more? It is in your hand. Add more by sharing ideas!
Share your ideas now! Contribute!