Dear doctors, researchers, scientists, engineers…dear people.

We are physicians and researchers focusing our energy on neural repair strategies and in an attempt to gather new ideas and establish a good networking community we created this website.

Whether you are a neurologist/neuroscientist or rehabilitation doctor or clinical investigator/scientist or a care-giver or patient with a neurological condition you are well aware of the issue. It is no secret that the nervous system is highly complicated and regardless of the global attempts that have been made and the technological accomplishments there are many obstacles to overcome to reach a good functional outcome inducing clinically significant nerve repair.

Thus we turn to you to gather ideas on what you would like this website to be. This is an open community and we want to gather feedback in order to manage to have a coordinated and efficient approach to the unresolved issue of nerve repair.

Kindest regards,

Magdalini Tsintou, MD, MSc.

Kyriakos Dalamagkas, MD, MSc.